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Bob Hennigan

Bob Hennigan

Described as “Mayo’s most charming ball of misery”, Bob Hennigan is Resident MC of the highly-acclaimed Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club. A past winner of the Tedfest Toilet Duck Award and Galway Comedy Award, expect nothing from Bob and keep expecting it. 

“The most underrated comedian in the country.” – Irish Times



Ireland’s Smallest Comedy Club

This show runs every Thursday night in a tiny room and has done so successfully for many years now. Started by Johnny Graham and Dermot Roche and now run weekly with Johnny and Bob Hennigan, this Comedy Club has built into a real Galway success story. It attracts comedians from all over the country and a number of international performers also. Join Bob, Johnny & their guests on Thurs 27 Oct as part of #GCF22 - see what all the fuss is about.


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