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Enya Martin

Enya Martin

Enya Martin created a Facebook page Giz A Laugh, making 2 minute comedy videos. Her sharp eye of observing the madness of life around her in her native Clondalkin area of Dublin gave her so much hilarious material. Enya is now regarded as one of the best live stand up comedians in Ireland having sold out multiple shows across the country. 

Enya was named after the Irish singer - that Orinoco Flow lady. Enya is grateful that her parents didn’t call her after their other favourite singer… Meatloaf. Her twin brother was named after American TV show host Dr. Phil. 

In 2020 Enya was in the hit Irish made movie “Deadly Cuts” ,where she played the character Linsey.

“Ask Your Ma” is a roller coaster of her latest life experiences and sold-out during Galway International Arts Festival so be sure to catch it during #GCF23

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